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In the log, T6JP, 15m RTTY

April 20th, 2012

In the recent EA RTTY contest I spent an enjoyable few hours on 15m and 20m, the highlight of which was logging T6JP (Jorgen/Joe in Afghanistan) for an all time new one. This was especially sweet because it happened purely by chance without being directed to his frequency by a cluster spot or anything like that.

I was slowly tuning up the 15m band when I found a weak signal fading in & out of the noise. I quickly realised is was a station calling ‘CQ CONTEST’ but the callsign took a bit more work. I was very surprised when I subsequently got a few clear ‘CQ CONTEST de T6JP’ decodes across my computer screen. Wasting no time I sent my call a few times and eventually snagged him.

Another thing about this contact that I like is that we were both using simple wire antennas and modest power (100 watts each way). Joe uses a vertical antenna at his end and I have a simple 15m dipole suspended in a conveniently located tree close to the shack.

It was also nice to see the contact soon confirmed in Joe’s LoTW upload soon after the contact. I have since then submitted my online QSL request with PayPal payment and am now eagerly awaiting the card to arrive.

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